APL 809
Sheep and Goat Production Enterprises (2 units)

Some considerations in raising sheep and goats. Breeds of sheep and goats.
Production records. Determining the age of sheep and goats. Housing and
equipment, fences, plans etc. sheep and goat feeding. Functions of vitamins and minerals. Feeding the dry and lactating ewe/doe. Management practices. Managing the kids/lambs, doe/ewe, tethering, dehorning, hoof trimming, castration. Identication practices. Goat/sheep disease: internal parasites, brucellosis, mastitis, foot rot, mange, bloat, poisonous plants etc. Feeding habits of small ruminants. Conventional and non-conventional feed resources for sheep and goats. Feed conservation and improvement techniques. Nutrient requirements of sheep and goats for various productive purposes. Feed production for small-holder small ruminant.


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