CRP 811
Crop/Pasture Processing Technology(3 units)

Crop/ Pasture Harvesting Equipment: Traditional harvesting equipment; tractor, Mounted harvesters; combine harvester, Principles and techniques of handling crop/ pasture production equipment. Primary processing equipment; Choppers, grain shellers and threshers, grain separators and sorters, dryers, pelletizers; Maintenance and servicing of the identified equipment; Secondary processing equipment: Types and principle of operation of expellers, extractors, extruders, hay balers; Maintenance and servicing of the identified equipment; Storage Facilities: Classification of storage systems, Traditional storage system – Bags, guard traditional crib, rhombus, etc; Improved storage system – Improved crib, Evaporative Coolant system; Modern storage system – Refrigeration, cold storage system, silo, warehouse; cooling vans; Storage facilities for root and tuber crops – barn, shelf, pit or underground storage system, etc.


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