ESC 808
Climate Change Impacts, Ecosystem Management and Sustainability 
(2 units)

Climate change and disasters/hazards consequences (erosion, floods, storms, axis rain, heat waves, resource depletion, etc); Challenges on agricultural production and food security – soils, cropping/farming systems, food and animal production, distribution and accessibility; Impacts on livestock, fisheries, forestry, post harvest and farm produce storage, water resources; Land use, savanna and forest fires and implications for ecosystem structure, food chain and biodiversity loss; Climate change, ecosystem degradation and food security situation in sub- Saharan Africa; Vulnerability assessment and strategies for ecosystem management in a changing climate (adaptation, mitigation, resilience, etc); adaptive management of ecosystems for sustainable development; Principles and concept of sustainability and carrying capacity; Climate change and sustainability of environmental resources (soil, vegetation and forest resources, water resources and aquatic organisms, agriculture and crop biodiversity); Climate change- human activities nexus and concept of ecological rehabilitation.


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