Ewedairo Bilikis Iyabode

Ewedairo Bilikis Iyabode

My name is EWEDAIRO, Bilikis Iyabode 2014/2015 Ph.D Agse scholar in Crop/Pasture Production and Sustainable Environment Programme (Crop Entomology option), Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment (Ceadese), Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, FUNAAB Ogun State, Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there has been a serious concern over the wide gap between the academia and the industry which many stakeholders saw as the reason for low productivity, to ensure this problem is solved, there is a need for the academia to interact with the industry in other look for the challenges and device a mechanism through problem-solving research, CEADESE is trying to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry by training and posting students to industry for internship to look for challenges and device a means of solving this challenges through demand-driven research to increase productivity, increase economic growth that will have positive effective on the national development, by building job creators and not job seekers.This centre focus is to train student to be independent and confident in their field of study.

Globally, use of pesticide as raise a number of environmental concerns such as water pollution, reduction in biodiversity, hazards on farmers and theenvironment, huge health risk by consuming food crops with high pesticide residue. Production of food crop in an ecofriendly way and sustainable environment is possible by sensitizing farmers on the need for reduction or no use of this pesticides while other alternative measures which are sustainable could be used.

As a prospective cropentomologist, my main goal is to make scholarly contributions to the profession locally and internationally during and after completion of the program. Am prepared to compete in diverse opportunities in the field of crop entomology, to havea successful career in academia, industry, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

I work for Farmville global concept limited an organic farm that deals with production of carrot, onions, leafy vegetable, fluted pumpkin, bell pepper, jute mallow and plantain.


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