FOLARIN Itunuola Anne

FOLARIN Itunuola Anne

I am FOLARIN Itunuola Anne, a Nigerian and PhD candidate (presently awaiting my oral thesis defence) in the Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment programme (Animal Breeding and Biotechnology option), CEADESE pioneer set (2014/2015).

I enjoyed all the training that CEADESE afforded me; especially workshops, shortcourses and internship experience at National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB), Ibadan. Availability of research support as well as demand driven, world class cutting edge research attracted me to study at CEADESE.

My PhD research focused on assessing the effect of thermal conditioning on haematological, serum, growth perforformance and expression of two thermoregulatory genes (BDNF and CRH) in five chicken strains as a means of alleviating the effect of climate change on poultry production especially in the tropics.

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