MONTCHO Cocou Muriel Dorian

MONTCHO Cocou Muriel Dorian

I am MONTCHO Cocou Muriel Dorian, from Republic of Benin, a PhD candidate in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management at Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in Nigeria, Assistant Lecturer at the University of Abomey-Calavi and Researcher at the National Institute of Agricultural Research of Benin. I have solid regional and international trainings in different fields.

My research is title: climate change, welfare and sustainability of rice production in Republic of Benin.

I am a Rural and Development Economist Researcher and practitioner with experienced in working at Executive level in a range of sectors including public, private or non-profit organizations. With strong experience in consultation and project evaluation.

I worked in non-profit organizations including an economist office (Institut d’Application des Méthodes de Développement (IAMD); Jeunesse Active pour l’Intégration et l’Education (JAIE), CARADD) where I participated to a number of talent management programs, projects management, economic analysis, and economic studies focus on rural and agriculture development, gender, rural farmer’s welfare, food availability and reduction of poverty and hunger.

I worked in Research Institutes including economist office (Golf Expertises, Cirfoss, Cosinus Conseils) where I participated to a diversified multi-cultural environments and multi-disciplinary teams of research activities and managing large organizations to a success with a focus on agricultural policies, development of staple crops such as maize, rice, soybean, roots and tubers, and development of aquaculture and fisheries.

I have experience in using econometrics, modeling and statistics software such as GAMS, STATA, SPSS, EVIEWS and SPAD and I am familiar to ROTH-C modeling. I have experience in risks and conflicts management and sustainable development. I have experience in non-profit organization management. I am a conceptual thinker, a good team player with an ability to motivate people to excellence.

I have strong strategic planning skills, proactive thinking with experience for training, coaching, mentoring students for academic programs or personnel development.

I am a member of discussion group of FAO on Climate Smart Agriculture; NAMA and Tilapia Group. I am member of network through FSN, Vidaeo, LinkedIn, QQ international, MSN, face book, HI5, etc. where I share knowledge and experience with researchers of International and Regional Research Institutes. I have a local network of farmers with who I think on their challenge and work collaboratively to find issues to face those challenge and improve their local technology to enable them to enhance their productivity.



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