OGUNLEYE Toluwalase Janet

OGUNLEYE Toluwalase Janet

My name is OGUNLEYE Toluwalase Janet, A M.AgSE student in Environmental Systems and Climate Change, 2015/2016 set. I am a Nigerian. CEADESE has given me a platform to pursue my passion in Environmental Management because of its multidisciplinary approach in the integration of agricultural development and sustainable environment. Hence, my initial background in agriculture has not limited me to acquire necessary knowledge and technical skills both in the classroom and on the field.My internship experience further strengthen my exposure to practical knowledge and enhanced my skills in the laboratory and the field and prompted my research topic, partly funded by CEADESE.I have also been privileged to attend workshops and a conference sponsored by CEADESE which are profound platforms for interactions with other stakeholders and advanced knowledge for career development.


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