Okunlola Gbemisola Oluseun

Okunlola Gbemisola Oluseun

OKUNLOLA, Gbemisola Oluseun

Ph.D. (Plant Breeding)

Crop and Pasture Production and Sustainable Environment

Center of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment

Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

My name is OKUNLOLA, GbemisolaOluseun. I am a Nigerian and currently a 2017/2018 Ph.D.student at the Center of excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable environment. I had a Master’s degree in Agricultureand Sustainable Environment also at the center (2014/2015 set). My Master’s program was funded by the World Bank, which made the program of great value and international standard. The courses I offered during my Master’s programwere tailored towards new approaches in agricultural development and sustainable environment. I also offered some short courses such as climate Change and sustainable Environment, Information System in Agriculture, French Language, among others. I was also opportune to undergo a three months Internship program at the Institute of Agricultural Training and Research (IAR&T), Ibadan, Oyo State. The internship was mandated by the Center so that students can relate with the industry, work with the industry and look for the challenges the industry is facing, this challenges will make up the research of the student, thereby providing solutions to them.  My research topic “Genetic Studies In Soybean (Glycine Max (L) Merill ) Varieties based on Response To Some Storage Stress Factors” which was a problem being faced at the Grains and Legumes department at my internship location. Being a World Bank funded research; my research could solve the challenge being faced by the Institute and is to be accepted for publication in an international journal, Journal of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources.

The center is an African Center of Excellence which had students from other regions in the program. This gave an avenue to relate with students of different nationalities in West Africa. As a current Ph.D. student at the Center, I am positive thatgreater opportunities await me, and the world awaits me.


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