MAME: AYOOLA Abiodun Adeyinka   [View Profile]
CENTRE: Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment
PROGRAMME: Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment
DEGREE AWARDED: M.AgSE (Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment)
DATE OF DEFENCE: 19th of September, 2018


Trace minerals are essential nutrients that are required for a variety of metabolic functions including immune response, pathogenic challenge, reproduction and growth in broiler chickens. The trial was carried out to evaluate the effect of supplemental Cu, Zn and Mn chelated with 2-hydroxyl-4-methyl thiobutanoic acid (HMTBa), a precursor of DL- methionine, and the inorganic sources on growth performance, trace mineral digestibility, haematology, serum biochemistry and tissue (liver and kidney) trace minerals concentration of broiler chickens. A 42-day feeding trial using a Completely Randomised Design was conducted using a total of three hundred (n=300) Arbor Acre (AA) broiler chickens as experimental birds. The AA broiler chickens were allocated to five treatment groups. Each group had six replicates with ten birds each. The treatments were control group (basal diet), 100% inorganic trace minerals (ITMs) supplemental level (15, 100, 100 mg/kg for Cu, Zn, Mn respectively), 50% ITMs supplemental level (7.5, 50, 50 mg/kg for Cu, Zn, Mn, respectively), 50% Chelated trace minerals (CTMs) supplemental level (7.5, 50, 50 mg/kg for Cu, Zn, Mn, respectively) and 25% CTM supplemental level (3.75, 25, 25 mg/kg for Cu, Zn, Mn, respectively). Data collected were subjected to one – way Analysis of Variance using a Completely Randomised Design. Results showed that the groups fed diet with 100% supplemental levels of ITM and 50% supplemental level of CTM improved (p<0.05) feed conversion ratio of 1.55 and 1.54, respectively between 0 and 21 days of the experiment. The group fed 50% supplemental level of CTM had a reduced (p<0.05) daily feed intake of 39.79 g than the group fed 100% supplemental ITM level (41.91 g). Daily feed intake and daily weight gain were higher (p<0.05) for the birds fed 100% supplemental ITM level (146.29 g and 73.54 g) and 50% supplemental CTM level (140.18 g and 73.53 g, respectively) between 21 – 42 days of the experiment. A lower (p<0.05) white blood cell count (11.07×106/mm3) and an improved (p<0.05) red blood cell count (13×106/mm3) was observed for the group fed 50% CTM supplemental level. The group fed 50% supplemental diet of CTM had the highest (p<0.05) total protein (73.2 g/L), albumin (41.20 g/L) and globulin (32 g/L) in serum as compared to the other groups. The serum Cu (16.5 ug/dL), Zn (14.13 ug/dL) and Mn (1.88 ug/dl) were significantly higher (p<0.05) for the group fed 25% supplemental diet of CTM. The group fed 25% supplemental diet of CTM had a higher (p<0.05) High Density Lipid (HDL) of 50.87 mg/dL. The liver-Zn (4.22 mg/100 g) and Liver-Mn (0.50 mg/100 g) and kidney-Cu (1.17 mg/100 g) for the group fed 25% supplemental diet of CTM were the highest (p<0.05) compared to the other groups fed supplemental diets of trace minerals. The Zn level of 7.12 mg/100g in kidney for the group fed 100% ITM supplemental level was lower (p<0.05) than the groups fed supplemental diet of CTM. The study concluded that trace minerals supplementation improved growth performance of broiler chickens while the chelated form improved the bioavailability of the trace minerals and reduced minerals excreta into the environment.


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