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The Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment (CEADESE) is a proposed Centre of Excellence in agriculture anchored at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Nigeria.  The Centre is to focus on teaching, learning and research excellence in agricultural productivity under sustainable environment

ACE-CEADESE aims to meet the challenges of producing new generation of young scientists, cutting-edge research outcomes leading to agricultural productivity through the development of innovative and resourceful products, crop varieties, animal breeds/ strains and safe nutritious feeds/ foods.  

Our goal is to be a leading learning and research centre in facilitating sustainable agricultural development for enhanced livelihoods; strengthening the weak link and cooperation between agro based industries and farms on one hand and the research institutions on the other hand to produce required synergy needed for sustainable development.  


The overall objective is to become a centre of excellence in strengthening human and material capacity for Agricultural development in Nigeria and West Africa. The above will be accomplished via:

1Introducing new post graduate programmes leading to Master’s and doctorate degrees in Agricultural development and sustainable environment (M AgSE and PhD AgSE) with   emphasis on Livestock Science, Crop and Pasture production, Agriculture and Environment, Value Addition, and Livestock Economics and Policy.

2Expansion of the educational and practical competence of graduates for gainful employment to drive  the transformation of agriculture for higher productivity and food security in West Africa. 

3. Expansion of competence in solving Agricultural problems in the region through capacity building   of faculty, students, industry stakeholders, parastatals and farmers.

4. Establishing innovation platform for knowledge flow and collective dialogue between farmers, researchers, industries, Agricultural business and educational institutions.

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