ACE 801
Climate change and Agriculture (2 Units)

Climatic attributes in the plant environment; Man- environment interactions and agricultural systems in a changing climate; Climate change impacts on soil, crop, livestock, fisheries and forestry, emerging diseases of crop plant and animal diseases; Epidemiology of common crop and animal diseases and climate change impacts; Modeling variability and change of climatological indices for agriculture.

Early warning systems for agricultural production; Reciprocal relationships between climate change and agriculture; Concept of sustainable agriculture in a changing climate; Methods of ameliorating climate change impacts on soils, crop plants, livestock, fisheries and forestry including agroforestry; Aspects of economics of climate change in Agriculture (regulatory methods of farming systems, animal husbandry, farm housing design , impact of climate change on wage labour, migration, conflicts , pollution, food, drought and desertification control including environmental subsidy)


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