Adeboye Kehinde Adewole

Adeboye Kehinde Adewole

My name is Adeboye Kehinde Adewole, a Nigerian PhD AgSE student in the Crop/Pasture Production and Sustainable Development Programme of the Center of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment (CEADESE), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. I am interested in enhancing food security by deploying cutting edge technologies into the conservation and management of Plant Genetic Resources.My doctoral thesis titled “Genome-wide analysis of flowering pattern and other yield-related traits in rice under reproductive stage drought stress” was aimed at identifying genomic regions controlling flowering pattern under the prevailing abiotic stress in the upland rice ecology. Two major stable QTLs, one each for days to 50% flowering (Qdft.ace-4-2) and days to 85% maturity (Qdmt.ace-4-4) were identified. These QTLs could serve as target regions for fine mapping, candidate gene discovery and Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) in rice breeding for upland ecology. I joined CEADESE in 2014 because of the funding opportunity. The industrial exposures I acquired through CEADESE at Africa Rice Centre, Ibadan station where I conducted my doctoral research opened my eyes to opportunities in the agro-research and agribusiness sectors.


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