Adekeye Adetayo Bamikole

Adekeye Adetayo Bamikole

My name is Adekeye, Adetayo Bamikole, a PhD AgSE student in Crop and pasture and sustainable environment (2015/2016 set). I am a Nigerian and precisely from Kwara State, I choose to be enrolled in CEADESE to maximize and fulfill my research potentials as Forage/pasture scientist. My profession is a dual-purpose profession – as an agronomist and an animal Scientist, and to this effect I have been working on some tropical pasture species –Stylosantheshamatacvverano, Panicummaximum and Andropogontectorum, and hydroponic fodder production. Currently, I’m collaborating in evaluating the fodder potentials of 57 Germplasms of Maize developed by IITA scientists and technical feed innovation from cassava peel (in conjunction with Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation and International Livestock Research Institute).

Credited to me include:

  1. Adetayo B. Adekeye, Olufemi S. Onifade, Jimoh A. Olanite and Olubukola A. Isah

Biomass yield and nutritive quality of Panicummaximum in the natural pastures during the dry season in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Proceeding of the 22nd International Grassland Congress, Australia, 2013, Pp.317-318.

  1. Adetayo B. Adekeye, Olufemi S. Onifade, Jimoh A. Olanite andOlubukola A. Isah Dry    season effects on the biomass yield and nutritive quality of Andropogontectorumin the          natural pastures in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Proceeding of the 24th International   Grassland        Congress, Canada, July, 2016.
  2. I. A. Ewetola,J. A. Olanite, O. A. Oni, P. A. Dele, V. O. A. Ojo, I. O. Olasupo, J. O. Idowu and A. B. Adekeye (2016): Effect of animal manures on re-growth potential of Panicum       maximum and Brachiaria decumbens in South Western Nigeria. International Journal of         Organic Agriculture Research and Development. Vol. (14).


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