Adeniji, Oluremi Adebisi

Adeniji, Oluremi Adebisi

My Name is Adeniji, Oluremi Adebisi a PhD AgSE student in the Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment Programme. I am a Nigerian and I was admitted in 2015/2016.


The programme is centred on Sustainable Agriculture which is very crucial considering the recent direct and indirect effect of climate change on humans and animals alike. It is therefore imperative to study various methods of adaptation and mitigation to ensure increased food production in order to meet the demand of the ever increasing world population without compromising the ability of the future generation ability to provide for themselves (i.e. without depleting the available natural resources).

This programme is also tailored to help students interact internationally by exposing the students to learn a language apart from his/her country’s official language, in my case I was very enthusiastic about learning French. This will enable me to communicate with (French) researchers even if their first language is not English Language.

 There is a good relationship between the faculty members and the students and our learning environment is very conducive,

CEADESE ensures a good relationship between the gown and the town, students are attached to a company (industry) for their internship during which they find out the problem the company is experiencing and then with the help of the industry based and institution based supervisors, a research proposal is developed to solve the industry’s problem.

I am currently working on the utilization of insect meal as a protein source in poultry diet.


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