Aderoju Adekunbi O

Aderoju Adekunbi O

My name is Aderoju Adekunbi O.

A Female, Nigerian and a Master Student of Agricultural Economics and Environmental Policy (MAGSE), 2015/2016 set.

CEADESE helps young Africans to acquire new Scientific and Technical skills through;

  1. Teaching, learning and funding of demand driven research to tackle Africa’s challenges including climate change.
  2. Specialized workshops.
  3. Regionally integrated way to increase high-quality R & D services to promote regional specialization.
  4. Internships during post graduate studies which forge closer relationship with industry and stakeholders in Agriculture in order to respond to the industry’s developmental needs.

I chose to be a CEADESE student because I believe through their different ways of impacting knowledge, my capacity will be greatly built to compete in regional job market as well as the global economy.


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