ALADE, Adelaja

ALADE, Adelaja Augustine

My name is ALADE, Adelaja Augustine, a PhDAgSE student in the Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment (Monogastric Animal Nutrition), World Bank Africa Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. I am in the first set 2014/2015. I am from Akoko North West Local government, Okeagbe-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria. I saw the advertisement of the centre on the 5th March, 2014 concerning the specialized PhD programme which I applied after consultation with the former Director, Prof. Onagbesan, O. O. The reasons why I chose CAEDESE programme; the research grant of one million naira for PhDAgSE, Internship in Agro-allied industries, multi-disciplinary approach to research to solve problems arising from the internship. I had my internship at the Obasanjo Farm Nigeria (OFN) Breeder Farm, Igboora, Oyo State, Nigeria.

The main challenge at the feed mill was the non-availability or insufficient supply of wheat offal for the production of feed. Therefore, my research proposal was titled: RESPONSE OF BROILER CHICKENS FED DIETS CONTAINING VARIOUS FIBROUS FEEDSTUFFS TREATED WITH Zymomonas mobilis. The following fibrous agro-industrial by-products were suggested to replace wheat offal in the diets of broiler chickens. Corn cobs, sawdust, soyabean hull and cassava sifting. The fibrous by-products were treated with Zymomonas mobilis derived from palm sap to produce, Zymomonas mobilis treated corn cobs microbes, Zymomonas mobilis treated sawdust microbes, Zymomonas mobilis soyabean hull microbes and Zymomonas mobilis treated cassava sifting microbes. Studies were conducted using broiler chickens with each untreated and treated fibrous material replacing wheat offal at 0, 50% and 100% for eight weeks. Data were collected on growth response, apparent nutrient digestibility, ileal digesta viscosity, haematology and serum metabolites, carcass yield and organ weight, sensory evaluation and economy of feed conversion. The results revealed improved performance of the broiler chickens.

However, during the second internship, wheat offal was replaced with Zymomonas mobilis treated corn cobs microbes in the breeder birds diet. The result of the on-farm trial was encouraging, attesting to the fact that the Zymomonas mobilis treated agro-industrial by-products can replace wheat offal in poultry nutrtion.

                The Thesis titled RESPONSE OF BROILER CHICKENS FED DIETS CONTAINING VARIOUS FIBROUS FEEDSTUFFS TREATED WITH Zymomonas mobilis was successfully defended on the 9th July, 2018.

                The following Manuscripts had been prepared for Bioresource Technology, Animal Feed Science Technology and Tropical Animal Health and Technology:

                Growth performance, apparent nutrient digestibility and ileal digesta viscosity of broiler chickens fed Zymomonas mobilis degraded corn cobs Alade et al. (2018)

                Haematology and serum biochemistry, carcass characteristics and sensory evaluation of meat of broiler chickens fed Zymomonas mobilis degraded soyabean hull Alade et al. (2018)

                Effect of dietary inclusion of Zymomonas mobilis degraded cassava sifting on growth performance, apparent nutrient digestibility, ileal digesta viscosity and economy of feed conversion of broiler chickens Alade et al. (2018)



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