CRP 802

Seed Production (2 Units)

National and regional variety release systems in West African countries;
ECOWAS Harmonized seed laws. Conditions for seed production,
Controlled seed multiplication, Evaluating and maintaining genetic purity
during seed production; Seed Certication; Principles of seed processing,
Outlay of seed processing plants, Seed Pre-cleaning, conditioning, grading
and sizing equipment and operations. Commercial seed treatments. Seed
store and gene bank operation: seed germination testing, viability and quality
control. Viability modeling, seed drying, packaging and transportation.
Hybrid seed production: Genetic basis of hybrids, Population genetic
analysis in hybrid production, Hybrid purity and GMO testing. Thematic
term papers and seminars on specialized seed industries like organic seed
production, Seed cooperatives, Public-private partnerships (PPP), National
and regional seed business incentives, Farm management/cost benefit
analysis and other topical seed enterprise development issues etc.




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