CRP 805

Crop Protection and Productivity (2 Units)


Pests and pathogens in crop protection and productivity. Plant-nematode
relations or interactions; population dynamics of nematodes; methods of
nematode control in agricultural soils. Definition and categorization of insect
pests; development of pest status. Economics of insect pest attack; forecasting                                                             Insect pest outbreak. Fungi diseases of national and international
importance. Classification and nomenclature of plant parasitic fungi.
Morphology, Biology and Ecology of fungi. Classification and properties of
plant pathogenic bacteria. Growth, reproduction and genetics of plant
pathogenic bacteria. Kinds of inoculum produced and dissemination.
Bacteria diseases of national and international importance. The nature of
viruses’ growth and reproduction. The genetics of viruses. Kinds of
inoculum produced. Dissemination, Virus diseases of national and
international importance. Control measures, quarantine, cultural, chemical,
host plant resistance, etc. in crop protection and productivity. Basic crop
protection equipments, maintenance and repairs.


Sampling for nematodes and nematodes extraction from soil and
plant. Isolation, purification and identification of major plant pathogens
(bacteria and fungi). Creation of insect museum of agricultural importance.
Identification of insect body parts. Virus isolation and transmission. Virus
purication. Application of molecular and plant tissue culture techniques in
plant disease diagnosis.



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