Ismaila Mbenga

Ismaila Mbenga

My name is Ismaila Mbenga, a PhD AgSE student at the Center of Excellence in Agricultural Development and sustainable Environment (CEADESE).  I belong to the batch of 2015/2016 intake and I am a Gambian by nationality. My field of study at the Center is Crop protection (Entomology) under the programme Crop Pasture Production and Sustainable Environment.

The reason why I opted to be enroll at CEADESEis because I am young scientist who wants to contribute greatly to the development of my nation as well as contribute to the international demand of working towards meeting global food security. I believed the attainment of a PhD degree from a reputable Center such as CEADESE at the Federal University Of agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) will serve as a catalyst for the realization of my goal. My current interest is to integrate fully in our research system, so to improve or provide technological solutions to the problems of local farmer’s inorder to increase their agricultural productivity. I also want to develop my practical skills through shared research with other senior scientist.

My future plans are to develop demand- driven projects that will increase agricultural production and ensure food security for my country. I plan to pursue this objectives through collaborative inter and intra country research and sharing of information.



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