OBAJULUWA Olusola Victor

OBAJULUWA Olusola Victor

My name is OBAJULUWA Olusola Victor. A PhD. AgSe student in the Livestock Science and Sustainable environment program of the Africa Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment, FUNAAB.

I am motivated to enrol at the centre because of the provision of up-to-date equipments for animal science research. I hope the facilities available at the centre will help me carry out top notch researches that are of international standard.

Also, I hope to meet young scholars like me from various West African countries who can share their indigenous agricultural practices that survive the test of time. These practices, I hope will be novel and help to solve some agricultural challenges in my locality.

Furthermore, as a young and enthusiastic scholar, I hope being a product of the centre will give me adequate training and up-to-date knowledge of emerging challenges in animal production and provide me with mentorship on how to solve them.


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