OGINNI Tolulope A.

OGINNI Tolulope A.

My name is OGINNI, Tolulope A, aM.AgSe student in the Crop and Pasture Production and Sustainable Environment, 2015/2016 set. I’m a Nigerian from Osun state. I graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta where I obtained a degree in B.Agric before proceeding to obtain a Masters degree.

I chose this program over the conventional Masters program because of its uniqueness. CEADESE is research based, offers a variety of courses and is located in a conducive environment for learning. CEADESE creates a platform for students to relate lessons taught in class to the industry by providing internship programs related to individual fields and as a result of this, the research carried out is problem solving.  The program also exposes us to a short course in French language, climate change and international trade among several other workshops and seminars.

It’s indeed a centre of excellence!


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