My name is OYEDEJI, OLUWATOBI O., one of the PhD.AgSE students at the World Bank Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment (CEADESE), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State in Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment programme. I am a Nigerian.

CEADESE as one of the Centres of Excellence in Nigeria is committed to training students in Agriculture and its allied disciplines to have positive impacts on Nigeria economy. Its uniqueness and difference from the regular programmes is reflected in how the course synopses for this Centre was designed to equip students in the areas of Information and Communication Technology, foreign language (French), climate change as well as sustainable environment among others with the present challenges This informed the reason all MSc and PhD students would have to offer some courses for the first session of their programme in order to get them prepared for the impacts they are expected to make at the end of their programme at the Centre.

By the conclusion of the first session, each student is required to go for internship in any chosen organisation where he or she is to acquire skills and knowledge and also see the areas where researches can be undertaken. The idea for this undertaking is to ensure that these research works are implemented to meet the needs of these industries. The overall purpose of this is to improve the country’s economy or the economies of the foreign students who enrol for the programme. The topic of my thesis is ‘Egg yolk pigmenting abilities of natural, safe and biodegradable raw materials in the diets of laying chickens. This is an attempt to address the yearning of feed manufacturing industries to produce feeds which are less expensive with respect to feed additives by substituting synthetic egg yolk colourants, which are expensive and might not be biodegradable with the natural, safe and biodegradable egg yolk colourants.


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