Temidayo O. Akinola

Temidayo O. Akinola

Temidayo O. Akinola

As a PhD candidate of Environmental Systems and Climate Change (2015/2016), my current research focuses on the broadening dimensions to the lack of access and unaffordability of clean and modern energy. About 80% of the world’s 1.2 billion people without access to modern energy, live in rural areas and 95% of these live in Sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia. This has been identified as one of the factors that have bedeviled the development of rural farming and agro-industrial enterprises in these areas. I am particularly interested in the opportunities the “zero waste” philosophy can present in reducing high cost of clean energy, fluctuations in the price of energy services and lack of access to clean energy.

Drawing from a range of critical pathways from fields inclusive of Microbiology, Resource management, Air quality, Climate Change, and sociology, I have been working on the sustainable conversion of cassava wastes (about 495 kg per tonne of cassava) to bioethanol. One of the biggest ventures in my CEADESE-supported research will be its application in decentralized renewable energy solutions as a means to increasing energy access and ensuring environmental sustainability.

I am a Nigerian who believes in Nigeria.


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